_ "Light The Wick" by Teton Gravity

_ “Twilight” Directed by Catherine Hardwicke feat. Blue Foundation “Eyes on Fire” (Universal Pictures) USA/Worldwide

_ “Nobody” Directed by Rob Perez feat. Blue Foundation “Eyes on Fire” (Lindeman Pictures) USA/Worldwide

_ “Waking Madison” Directed by Katherine Brooks feat. Ghost Society “It Begins” (Annapurna Production/Fixed Point Films) USA/Worldwide

_ “Normal” Directed by Julius Sevcík feat. Blue Foundation “Shine” (Axman Production) Czech Republic

_ “Miami Vice” Directed by Michael Mann feat. Blue Foundation “Sweep” (Universal Pictures) USA/Worldwide

_ “Inside Outside” Directed by Andreas Johnsen (Rosforth) Worldwide

_ “Nordkraft/Angels in Fast Motion” Directed by Ole Christian Madsen feat. Blue Foundation

_ “Save tis town” (Nimbus Film) Worldwide

_ “Manslaughter” Directed by Per Fly feat. Blue Foundation “This is Goodbye” (Zentropa) Worldwide

_ ”Copy This” Director Simon Weyhe(Tatsy Cinema)

Score Work

_ Leonardo DiCaprio WWF Save The Tigers Campaign (Work in process)

_ “Tankograd” Directed by Boris Bertram. Original score music by Tobias Wilner and Sara Savery (Danish/Swedish National TV)

_ “All Boys” Directed by Markku Heikkinen (Kino Kombinat) Finland/Worldwide

_ “Diplomacy: The Responsibility to Protect” Directed by Boris B. Bertram and Rasmus Dinesen. (Danish/Swedish National TV) Worldwide

_ “45 cm” Anette K. Olesen Kortfilm. (Spontan Film/Zentropa/Danish National TV)

_ “Missing” Public Eye Co / Sara Gebran. Original music by Tobias Wilner

_ “Overloadlady” Public Eye Co / Sara Gebran. Original music by Tobias Wilner

_ “eXplornography” Tim Feldman. Original music by Tobias Wilner

_ “Jeg dig Elsker” Directed by Ulrik Wivel (Danish Natinal TV/Barok)

_ “My Beirut” Directed by Boris Bertram (Danish National TV)

_ “Urge” Directed by Ulrik Wivel (Barok FILM/Danish National TV)

_ ”Aktionshuset” Director Jesper Grand – (TV2/Barok Film/Danish National TV)

_ ”Stacy Ann Chin” Director Ulrik Wirvel (Danish National TV/Barok Film)

_ “Sisters in the sky” Director Simone Aaberg & Stine Kirstine (Danish Nationla TV/Zentropa)

_ “Nedgravning” Director Torben Bech (Filmværkstedet/Danish National TV)


_ "The Cleveland Show"

_ “So You Think You Can Dance” (1 episode, 2009) Top 14 Perform. (19 Television/20th Century Fox Television) USA

_ “OC-Show” - Season 2, Episode 7: “The Family Ties” (Warner Bros. Television/Fox Network) USA/Worldwide

_ “CSI: Miami”

_ “Anna Pihl” (Cosmo Film/Danish National TV) Scandinavia

_ ”Hellig Ko” – Director Boris Bertram (Danish National TV/TV2/Zentropa). Original music by Tobias Wilner

_ ”Tæsk for pengene” – (Barok Film/TV3+)