_ “My Chair Is Scared” Tiger Beer Global Showcase Copenhagen. (2009)
“My Chair Is Scared” is by Danish installation art collective Le Fix and sound work by Tobias Wilner (Blue Foundation).

APX manifests the ALIS spirit at BEAMS NEWS in Tokyo in the form of a large art piece titled “THE BOX” sent from the free city of Christiania to reach the open hearts and minds of Japan.

It is a large wooden box with the dimensions 2,44m x 2,44m x 2,44m. This installation will combine artwork by Le-Fix and music by Tobias Wilner (Blue Foundation). The process from the actual building of THE BOX, the implementation at BEAMS NEWS and the reception by the audience is an integrated part of the installation.

A special APX product is produced for THE BOX exhibition. A ”BOX SET” consisting of a limited 12” vinyl featuring exclusive releases by some of the APX related artists, Denmark vs. Japan: Blue Foundation and The Prunes meets Klock and Tatsuki.
The ”BOX SET” will also consist of a special designed THE BOX t-shirt as an integrated part of the package.

Contemporary Dance

_ “Voodoo Child” - Wilda Dance / Tim Feltman. Original music by Tobias Wilner. (2005)

_ "Housework" – Lucy Guerin / Woo Co. Original music by Tobias Wilner. (2001)

_ “Hurtdetail” - Tim Feldman. Original Music Tobias Wilner. (2000)

_ “Missing” - Public Eye Co / Sara Gebran

_ “Overloadlady” - Public Eye Co / Sara Gebran