Ghost Society is a poetic pop noise group formed by its two front members Sara Savery and Tobias Wilner. Both are well known for their various other projects, including solo and film work and the groups Bichi, Blue Foundation and the Morr Music act People Press Play. Savery and Wilner started writing some songs together during a 1 month stay in Barcelona which then led to the making of their full length album entitled "The Back of His Hands, Then The Palms". This took place at their former studio in Copenhagen, DK, where the two of them did all the recording, producing and mixing together. Savery and Wilner have recently moved their studio to Brooklyn, NY, where they also live and create their art.

Studio albums

The Back of His Hands, Then the Palms (DPC Records, Minty Fresh, Jack To Phono 2010)


Dogs And Desperation (DPC Records 2009)


Your Hands (DPC Records 2012)
Better Days (DPC Records 2010)

Quotes about the band

“Their music is a mixture of shoegaze/noise-pop and gloomy rock along the lines of Cure’s legacy.” –Clash

“This music is the soundtrack for that dream where you’re flying, soaring over mountaintops on a pair of silvery wings.” –RCRD LBL

this is GHOST SOCIETY, all splendor veiled in poetic noise,
beauty and beautiful songs, of love and hope, on filthy streets.
You must get your hands on this remarkable music,
and would you be so lucky to have but a slight chance to see them live,
you know what to do!
- Jonas Bjerre, Mew

"oh my god. this music is astonishing, beautiful, nearly perfect." (Mark Kramer)....

"From Scandinavia comes yet another delight for the shoegaze and dream-pop sets. With shimmery songs that bear the influence of My Bloody Valentine and The Pixies (and even a cover of The Swirlies) and an ethereal mix of synths and guitars with male and female vocals, Ghost Society is already generating a buzz stateside from the likes of AOL Spinner and RCRDLBL." (Sentimentalist).