Bichi was founded a few years back by the NYC based artist Tobias Wilner. You can call his music indie / folktronia, shoegaze, electronica or just Bichi.
Bichi is focusing atmospheric sounds, digital beat manipulation, nice melodies.
Bichi has released an album “Notwithstanding” and several EP's and remixes (.tape., Blue Foundation, Cokiyo).
The album “Notwithstanding” was released on Opiate aka Thomas Knaks label Hobby Industries in 2005. The vocal on the album comes courtesy of Sara Savery (People Press Play).
Bichi has toured Japan 5 times, played shows in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, US, France, Finland, UK, Letvia to name a few.....

Studio albums
Notwithstanding (Hobbyind. / Morr 2005)
Erobreren (Cactus Island 2008)

My name is Hobby / Hobby desu (Disque Corde 2008)
Popular is Wrong - feat. Bichi “Ysoga” (Plataforma-ltw 2008)
Repainted .tape. - feat. Bichi remix (Spark Releases 2008)
Brittle Behaviour - feat. Bichi meet Savery “It begins” (Cactus Island 2006)
Merge 18? - feat. Bichi “Vivid” (Merge 2006)
Dansk Lyd - feat. Bichi Meets Savery (Dansk Vinyl 2005)
Teeth - feat. Bichi “Thule” (Statler&Waldorf 2004)
APX Project - feat. Tobias Wilner aka. Bichi (Alis 2003)

Cokiyu “Roadz” Bichi rework version (Flau 2007)
Blue Foundation “Embers” Bichi remix (Jacques laverne Records 2005)
Blue Foundation “As I Moved On" Bichi remix (Virgin Music 2003)

Other Projects?
Tobias Wilner aka. Bichi- “The Box” - Installation (Alis 2003)
Bichi “???” - mix CDR (Aras 2002)

DJ Krush "Jaku" feat. Tobias Wilner aka. Bichi and Tatsuki on “Decks-athron” (Sony/Columbia 2004)