Blue Foundation

Blue Foundation is a band founded by producer and singer Tobias Wilner.
The band is based in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Their most recent lineup consisted of Tobias Wilner (producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist)
and Bo Rande (multi-instrumentalist, co-producer).
Best known for their songs Eyes on Fire from the Twilight Saga and Sweep from Michael Mann's Miami Vice.
They have recorded songs with Mark Kozelek (Sun Kil Moon, Red House Painters), DJ Krush and Jonas Bjerre (Mew).

Studio albums

Blue Foundation (April Records 2001)
Sweep of Days (Virgin 2004)
Solid Origami collected, reworked and remixed (Pop Group 2006)
Life of a Ghost (EMI/Astralwerks 2009)
In My Mind I Am Free (Dead People's Choice 2012)
In My Mind I Am Free / Reconstructed (Dead People's Choice 2012)


Dead People's Choice (EMI 2006)


Hollywood & Hide 7" (Moshi Moshi Records 2000)
Hollywood & Wiseguy 12" (April Records 2000)
As I Moved On 12" (Virgin 2003)
End of the Day (Virgin 2004)
This is Goodbye (Virgin 2005)
Embers 7" (Jack To Phono Records 2005)
Crosshair (Virgin 2006)
Enemy (EMI 2007)
Eyes on Fire (EMI 2009)
Watch you Sleeping feat. Mark Kozelek / Dream (3:11PM) (DPC Records 2009)
Heads on Fire (DPC Records 2011)
Broken Life (2011)
Red Hook (DPC Records 2011)

Remix work

Klart Der! Jorden Kalder Blue Foundation & Mixologists Remix (2000)
Fauna Flash Mother Nature Blue Foundation Remix (Compost 2001)
Jonas Bjerre Window Pane Blue Foundation Remix (PLUK 2011)
Zeds Dead "eyes on fire" Blue Foundation Remixxx (2010)


Confusion (Compost Records 2003)
Benetton's Colors: A Nordic Compilation (Irma Records 2003)
Warp Factor (King Kladze Records/Time Warp 2003)
Who Shot Jacques Laverne? (Jack To Phono Records 2004)
We Got Monkeys: Five Years Of Moshi Moshi Records (Moshi Moshi Records 2005)
Paris mixed by Nick Warren (Global Underground 2007)
Sequential vol 2. mixed by Hernan Cattaneo (Renainnance 2007)
Director's Cut: Music from the Films of Michael Mann (Rhino 2007)
Sirenes (Spectacle Entertainment 2008)
Michael Moshi's Moshi Mixtape (Moshi Moshi Records 2010)
Compost Downbeat Selection, Vol. 1 (Compost 2010)
Sound of Dubstep 3 (Ministry of Sound 2011)
Together We Are Not Alone (THISTIME 2011)

Selected soundtracks

Manslaughter (Zentropa/EMI) August 26, 2005
Miami Vice (Atlantic Recording) July 18, 2006
Twilight (Chop Shop Records/Atlantic Recording) November 4, 2008
Normal (Bontonfilm) March 26, 2009
Tankograd (DPC Records) May 16, 2011

Selected TV shows

The O.C. - Season 2, Episode 7: The Family Ties, feat. Save This Town by Blue Foundation (Warner Bros. Television/Fox Network) January 6, 2005
CSI: Miami - feat. End of the Day by Blue Foundation (CBS) 2008
Anna Pihl - feat. Crosshair by Blue Foundation (Cosmo Film/Danish National TV) 2008
So You Think You Can Dance - 1 episode, Top 14 Perform feat. Eyes On Fire by Blue Foundation (19 Television/20th Century Fox Television) July 1, 2009
The Cleveland Show - feat. Eyes On Fire by Blue Foundation (20th Century Fox) October 30, 2011
The Vampire Diaries - Season 4, Episode 8: Eyes On Fire by Blue Fondation December 6, 2012